In early 2020, uncertainty around COVID-19 caused panic buying in many UK supermarkets, doubling demand of essential consumer items.

Many manufacturers and distributors struggled to meet this demand, with basic products like toilet rolls, tea and pasta disappearing from shelves. Big brand firms were not immune from the difficulties, even household names like Tetley Tea, owned by Tata Consumer Products Ltd (TCPL).

To cope with this spike in demand, WMG supported TCPL to identify an optimal level of production which was shown to keep the business competitive, while allowing spare capacity to deal with fluctuations. This ‘buffer management’ modelling helped shape the supply chain set-up and strategy for Tetley Tea, allowing TCPL to increase production by 35% and keep this national staple on our shelves.

By adapting quickly, TCPL was not only able to satisfy their customers, Tetley also took the lead in market share during this period, showing how a flexible supply chain can help a company gain competitive advantage. WMG’s insights helped to keep the humble cuppa available throughout the pandemic.

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