AMRC & Nuclear AMRC near the historic Orgreave site

Built close to the site of the historic Orgreave coking plant, the Advanced Manufacturing Park is a beacon of industrial transformation. With the AMRC as anchor tenant from its launch, the cluster of global companies and their supply chains now established on the site is the most concentrated manufacturing base in the UK. The likes of McLaren and Rolls-Royce were drawn to the AMRC’s expertise with their factories surrounding the AMRC’s facilities. With the Nuclear AMRC joining the park in 2010, it has one of the widest sets of engineering expertise in the UK.

According to the Centre for Cities’ 2019 Parks and Innovation report, the site outperforms all similar science parks across the country, with 66% of jobs in the area in high value-added manufacturing. The AMRC and Nuclear AMRC’s work is central to this, but the R&D carried out does not just benefit local firms and workers; it is also ‘exported’ to other parts of the country. With projects like those with Rolls-Royce de-risking their £100m investment in Tyne and Wear and securing 300 highly skilled jobs the AMRC and Nuclear AMRC are regional assets with national impact.


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