Electric vehicles for road and sky

Electrification is a growing priority with both industry and government recognising not only the commercial opportunities, but the environmental benefits too. A leader in automotive electrification, WMG is helping to transfer their knowledge to other sectors, for cleaner, safer travel.

Electric motorcycles have a vital role to play in future transport across the globe, reducing congestion and improving urban air quality as well as easing parking. WMG is working with Triumph Motorcycles, and other electrification experts, to develop specialist electric motorcycle technology as part of a two-year project (TRIUMPH TE-1) funded by Innovate UK.

WMG has even taken electrification to the skies, supporting Electroflight in the development of the ACCEL battery and powertrain, working on characterisation and validation for a high-performance electric aircraft. This ACCEL project, led by Rolls Royce and part-funded by the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) will attempt a world record for the fastest all-electric aircraft later in 2020, looking to hit speeds of over 300mph.


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