Cost-effective personalised healthcare

Sometimes the most effective medical treatments demand a bespoke approach. Personalised medicines offer next generation treatments not only for the one in five of us likely to develop cancer, or one in nine living with diabetes, but for the many others at risk of developing common diseases each day.

As personalised medicine becomes a reality, the necessity for small batch sizes makes traditional manufacturing approaches prohibitively expensive. Typically used as a research tool, cell free expression (CFE) has the potential to revolutionise the supply chain, by offering a cost-effective solution for building the specific proteins needed.

Funded by Innovate UK, CPI and partners Ipsen Biopharm and Touchlight Genetics joined forces to examine the use of CFE to produce a novel linear DNA vector, useful for targeted medications. The group then developed a fully scalable CFE platform to allow rapid and flexible manufacture of the next generation of medicines. A key outcome from the project was the development of new manufacturing routes for biopharmaceuticals which eliminate inefficiencies in the supply chain, so that new drugs can reach the market with reduced time and cost. One more step towards the future of healthcare.


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