For a new company with a great idea, the time spent on complying with regulation can be frustrating; in fact, it’s enough to drive you up the wall. Hausbots know all about climbing walls. They have developed a highly innovative wall-painting robot that can climb rough surfaces and obstacles, in many cases eliminating the need for people to work at height. With over 85,000 work-related falls from height each year in the UK and US combined, the benefits of such a robot would be transformative.

With the potential to save thousands of lives, speed is essential. Hausbots identified a potential bottleneck in their product development: compliance with international regulations on radio frequency emissions. Here WMG stepped in to help. By supporting testing and design with compliance in mind, WMG enabled the company to save around three months of development time. This allowed Hausbots to move their product to market quickly, accelerating the availability of a potential lifesaver.

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