Bringing work back to the UK

Founded in 1887, Albert Jagger are leading suppliers of hardware and adhesives for industrial, commercial vehicle and marine uses. With increasing disruption on the global stage, they realised that returning productive capacity to the UK is crucial for supply chain resilience. Approaching our experts at the MTC to help, they sought to secure their supply chain and save their UK facilities from closure by reshoring the manufacture of one of their signature products.

Using SME-friendly visualisation tools and world-leading expertise in manufacturing optimisation, the MTC team showed Albert Jagger what was possible to achieve their aims. Their virtual reality environment enabled the live mapping of the shop floor in a risk-free way, before any significant capital investment.

With the most efficient plan in place, the company was able to save and transform its Bloxwich engineering facility, expanding their workforce. Now in a position to manufacture the products themselves, an estimated £2m of business is expected to return to the UK in the next three years.


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