Nanomaterials and engineered particles are exciting innovations that have the potential to transform products as diverse as stain-repellent fabrics and diagnostic biosensors. To encourage better use of these technologies in the UK, CPI partnered with Durham University to accelerate nanomaterial-enhanced products to market with SMEs across County Durham.

As part of the COAST programme, and with the research expertise of Durham University and scale-up experience of CPI at their fingertips, more than 60 SMEs were able to speed their ideas – including 11 products or processes which were completely new  – to market. In addition to helping to confirm County Durham as a national centre for nanomaterial manufacturing, CPI’s work meant that 55 jobs were created, many in the County Durham area, demonstrating the strength of our regionally targeted SME development activity

55 Jobs created

GVA of between £3.06m and £3.87m generated

£4.7m of additional funding or investment secured by SMEs

…as a direct result of this work

“To go from an idea to a proven, commercial product in less than two years is nothing less than extraordinary.” 

Sandy Chen, CEO, Graphene Composites

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