Connected and automated vehicles (CAV), such as self-driving cars, have long seemed like science fiction, but with technological change happening quickly, they are moving closer to reality. However, companies often need to produce reams of data on scenarios a vehicle might encounter, via simulation or real-world testing, which can delay innovation. Enter the SafetyPoolTM Scenario Database, the world’s largest public scenario database for testing CAV solutions, with over a quarter of a million scenarios.

Developed by WMG in collaboration with Deepen AI, a Silicon Valley start-up, with support from the World Economic Forum, the SafetyPoolTM Scenario Database enables manufacturers to take safe connected and automated vehicles to market faster through a precise, simulated testing process. Funded by Zenzic and Innovate UK, the database is reaching companies across the world with major global stakeholders coming on board. The next big thing in transport is one step closer.

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