Graphene and aerogel bring protection and success

Moving from concept to commercial reality is a daunting task for many smaller businesses, with development often costly and time-consuming. That’s where the HVM Catapult can help.

UK-based SME Graphene Composites (GC) developed a proof of concept for their first product, the GC ShieldTM – a strong, lightweight and flexible material for use in body armour. Using graphene and aerogel, the impact-resistant composite provides adaptable protection against knife and firearm attacks, protecting the lives of front-line police officers.

GC worked closely with CPI to move this product from proof of concept to pilot-scale production. CPI’s expertise enabled GC to take the most effective route at all stages, from design to the production of working prototypes to a commercial product. This ensured that GC can thrive in global markets and contribute to the UK economy.


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