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Shaping a healthier society

At a time when the health of the nation has come into sharp focus, the HVM Catapult is working to develop new technologies that can help to keep us healthy, live longer and have a better quality of life.

Tackling COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a time of acute suffering, but it has also been a time of unique solidarity between countries, organisations and businesses. The HVM catapult has played a leading role in the UK manufacturing community’s response to the virus.

Leading the Ventilator Challenge

On the 16th of March 2020, the Government asked UK industry to support the NHS in its fight against COVID-19. The VentilatorChallengeUK (VCUK) Consortium, led by the HVM Catapult’s outgoing CEO Dick Elsy and made up of more than 33 businesses from the aerospace, automotive and medical sectors, came together at speed to build medical ventilators.

Vaccine taskforce

The UK’s vaccine programme has been vital in combatting COVID-19. In April 2020, CPI joined the UK Government’s Vaccine Taskforce to support the manufacture and formulation of novel mRNA vaccine candidates in the fight against the virus.

A new £250m PPE supply chain

Like other parts of the UK, Scotland’s critical NHS supply chains were under extreme pressure in 2020. The NMIS-AFRC stepped forward, as part of a Scottish Government led working group, to make sure that supplies were maintained.

Developing an aerosol-generating procedure shield to protect NHS workers

Identified as an opportunity to reduce the exposure our healthcare workers face when treating patients, the enhancement offers a number of benefits, including a substantial weight reduction from 9kg to 4.5kg, improved visual clarity and ease of use.

Dental aerosol protection equipment to safeguard against airborne particles

To help address this, the MTC has developed ‘Halo’. Designed to protect dentistry staff and patients against contaminated aerosol particles, it provides up to 99% protection when used in conjunction with standard dental high-volume extraction equipment.

Keeping us healthy

It’s not only the immediate response to a crisis that matters. It is also important to properly transition back to normal. We have been helping a wide range of sectors do just that, and we have also been supporting the development of innovations that will help in the next pandemic.

Helping construction reopen safely

Social distancing is key to reopening sections of the economy that have needed to close during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the group nature of the work, social distancing has particularly hit the UK construction sector, meaning many sites have been unable to operate normally.

Anti-microbial poles for public transport could help in future pandemics

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic many people have been hesitant about taking public transport. In part, this is due to the potential risk of picking up germs from areas travellers must use, such as the grab-poles on trains, buses and trams.

Immersive tech trains global health heroes from their homes

Immersive technology has been used to help train surgeons who faced reduced learning opportunities due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Supporting patients with cerebral palsy

The current standing frames have a number of limitations, including high cost of manufacture, ease of use for medical professionals and carers, and the bespoke nature of each frame making it difficult to re-adapt them for other patients.

Pressing ahead with rehab revolution

The AMRC has helped a Sheffield SME transform healthcare by making a rehabilitation innovation 11% lighter and cutting the cost of manufacturing for three components by a combined 73%.

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