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Manufacturing the future workforce

Workforce development is key to harnessing the full value of our world class research output and anchoring manufacturing success in every region of the UK.

Upskilling the workforce

The workforce crisis in UK manufacturing is well known. There is an acute skills gap that prevents manufacturers from successfully exploiting new technologies. Launched in January 2020 with support from the Gatsby Foundation, the HVM Catapult’s Manufacturing the Future Workforce report provides a blueprint for the way forward.


The Skills Value Chain

The Skills Value Chain (see below) is an approach that connects workforce development with the wider innovation ecosystem, leveraging the technological know-how of Centres of Innovation (like the HVM Catapult) to build an industrial skills base fit for the future.

Emerging Skills Project

Funded by the Department of Education, the Emerging Skills Project is piloting our Skills Value Chain approach across key regions in the UK. Working closely with Institutes of Technology, we are developing high-quality modular training courses focused on upskilling employees for work with new and emerging technologies, like robotics and AI, electrification, additive manufacturing, and advanced composites.

Sharing our expertise with the country

We know that it is crucial to ensure our worldleading expertise is partnered with both industry and academia for the UK to remain a global giant. We are leading the way in joining the UK’s powerful manufacturing sector with its cutting-edge research to bring real value to the national economy.


Sharing research excellence

Every researcher has their own unique knowledge set, bringing with them ideas and approaches that could benefit the UK. That is why collaboration and co-creation remains at the heart of the Catapult Network’s activity.

UK Manufacturing Forum

When thought leaders are brought together, incredible things can happen. This is why we partner with the University of Cambridge’s Institute for Manufacturing to convene the single largest group of leading academics, researchers and industry representatives each year.

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