Why an HVM Catapult?

The global manufacturing market is worth £6.7tn and the UK currently performs strongly as the 11th largest manufacturing nation worldwide. Although there has been a decline since the 1970s, recent figures show that manufacturing makes up 11% of the UK GVA and 54% of UK exports, directly employing 2.6 million people and accounting for over 70% of investment in R&D.


Manufacturing therefore represents an important contribution to the UK economy, with High Value Manufacturing (HVM) offering the best opportunities for economic growth.


High value manufacturing is the application of leading-edge technical knowledge and expertise to the creation of products, production processes, and associate services which have strong potential to bring sustainable growth and high economic value to the UK.
High Value Manufacturing Strategy 2012-15 – Innovate UK

A 2012 study by Cambridge University’s Institute For Manufacturing, A landscape for the future of high value manufacturing in the UK, identified key strategic themes for the sustainable growth of high value manufacturing (HVM) in the UK. The government therefore aims to increase the role that manufacturing, and specifically HVM, plays in the growth of the UK economy.

Innovate UK’s High Value Manufacturing Strategy 2012-2015 sets out to ensure that high value manufacturing is a key driver of UK economic success, and aims to accelerate businesses on their innovation journey from concept to commercialisation.

Investment in HVM Catapult is an essential part of that strategy. This enables us to provide the cutting-edge equipment and the skilled resources UK businesses need to commercialise their world-class technologies.

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